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Merritt News 06/07/2017

Good Morning Parents,

June 6th-  Elementary Music Performance 6:00

June 8th-  MS/HS Music Concert  6:00

June 9th- Donuts with Dudes 7:00 a.m.

June 12th-  RTC Reward Metro Beach

June 13th- Full Day of School/ End of Year Picnic/Super Happy Fun Day

June 15th-  RTC High School Cedar Point Trip

1. Super Happy Fun Day and Picnic Information- June 13th

Here is the schedule for our last day of school:

Inflatables Schedule 

8:00-10:15 - K-2 on inflatables

10:15-12:30 - 3-5 on inflatables

12:30-2:00 - Middle School on inflatables

2:00-3:00 - High School on inflatables


All grades will eat lunch at their regular scheduled time that day. K-5 students will not be allowed outside for recess so please keep them indoors that day. 

Picnic Schedule

1:30 - High School students eat first

After HS has their food we will start with K-3 building, then 4-5 classes, then middle school classes and dismiss two at a time to come out to eat.

**** All Students are allowed to leave anytime after 1:30 as long as they check in with the teacher that is in charge of them at this time***

2.  Beach Day-RTC Reward June 12th-


9:00-9:30 - Bus to Metro

9:30-10:00 - Play

10:15-10:30 - Clean Up

10:30-11:00 - Eat Lunch

11:00-11:45 - Splash pad

11:45-12:30 - Change

12:30-1:00 - Bus to School


10:00-10:30 - Bus to Metro

10:30-11:15 - Play

11:15-11:30 - Clean Up

11:30-12:00 - Eat Lunch

12:00-1:00 - Splash pad

1:00-1:30 - Change

1:30-2:00 - Bus to school

Middle School

11:00-11:30 - Bus to Metro 

11:30-2:15 - Student Activity 

2:30-3:00 - Bus to School

3.  Upcoming Band Events:

4th/5th Grade Classroom Showcase

Tuesday, June 6th @ 6pm 

Call Time @ 5:45pm 

Spring Band Concert:

Thursday, June 8th@ 6pm

Call Time @ 5:20pm

4.  Donuts with Dudes-

Please join us as we celebrate the important "dudes" in all of our students' lives.  This event is taking place at 7:00 on June 9th.  We hope to see you there.   

5.  Summer Reading Opportunity-

Reading is an essential part of education.  It is important to keep kids reading over the summer months.  Attached is a flyer that contains a lot of valuable information about free on-line resources for students of all ages.  We hope several of our families will take advantage of this wonderful resource.

6.   Athletics-

Spring Banquet-  Monday, June 12th 6:00 p.m.