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Merritt Academy School Safety

Good Morning Merritt Parents,

Last week, our nation watched another school shooting unfold at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. If you are like me, your heart aches for the children, families, and school personnel in the Parkland Community. Events like this also leave many of our parents wondering about the steps we take to ensure your child's safety at Merritt Academy.

Since the tragic shooting in Florida last week I have heard from many parents inquiring about what school safety measures are currently in place and if we are going to be adding additional policies and procedures in the future. In light of these events, we will be reviewing old and adding a few additional procedures to make sure our campus is a safe as possible.

I understand all the concerns about this issue and I want you to know that I too am a parent first and an educator second, and I would absolutely have no problem sending both my sons to Merritt tomorrow and in the weeks and months to come. While I understand the reservations that many of you have about sending your kids to school right now (One mom stated how hard it is knowing she isn't there to help if needed), I can assure you that myself and every single teacher and staff member in the building will do everything in our power to make sure your kids stay safe both tomorrow and every single day in the future. I LOVE the kids at Merritt Academy and I am confident that we are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of all our students.

Safety measures currently being practiced:

  • All perimeter doors are locked throughout the entire day (7:50-3:10).
  • Security system cameras provide the ability to monitor the school premises.
  • Students and school staff participate in regular safety drills for fire evacuations, severe weather/tornados and lockdown procedures during the school year. Information about the time and date of emergency drills is reported on each school's website.
  • All classrooms are equipped with telephones.
  • School staff and volunteers undergo criminal background screening.
  • Our elementary, middle, and high school have secured entrances that require visitors to present identification and be "buzzed in" by school personnel. Once admitted, all school visitors must sign in at the school office.

Additional Policies being Added this Week:

  • All visitors will need to not only report to the main office with identification ready and sign in, but will have to wear a visitors badge that needs to be present to be allowed into our buildings
  • Adding additional lock down drills with emphasis on "danger in the building."
  • School-wide safety meeting location will be announced to staff and students
  • Parents are important partners in keeping our schools safe. You can help by following these protocols:
  • When entering a building, do not let a person behind you in. All visitors should be admitted by school personnel.
  • Be sure the door shuts tightly behind you, as weather can sometimes prevent the door from latching.
  • If you see an adult without a visitor's pass, please report it to the office immediately.
  • If you see something that feels suspicious, please report it to the office immediately.
  • When in the buildings, do not open outside doors to let someone in. All visitors must be admitted by school personnel.

Though we work diligently, every day, to ensure our schools are the safest places for children to be, we cannot have eyes and ears all over the community, all the time. If you should become aware of someone in our community who is in need of help, please say something. A United States Secret Service and United States Department of Education study found that in 81% of violent school incidents, someone other than the attacker knew about the plan but did not report it. Your voice could make all the difference.

If you feel uncomfortable approaching a member of our team, please consider using the OK2SAY app/website. Since its inception in 2014, OK2SAY has received over 10,000 tips, preventing multiple tragedies, including planned school attacks and student suicide. OK2SAY is confidential and available 24/7. To report a concern, please call 1-855-565-2729, text 652729, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit their website We also have the OK2SAY link posted on the main homepage of our school district website

I have included with this letter a useful resource for talking to children about school violence. I hope you find it helpful, but please reach out to your child's principal, a teacher or a school counselor if you need assistance.

Things we are looking at for the future to enhance safety measures:

  • Having Macomb County Sheriff looking at our school safety plan and advise us on any necessary adjustments we need to make our school safer.
  • We are looking into ALICE ( Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) training for our staff in the immediate future.
  • We are reaching out to the Macomb County Intermediate School District to see if there are any other trainings we can expose our staff to.