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Merritt News 12-15-2020


  • 21st- No In Person Instruction Virtual Day for ALL Students
  • 21st- Virtual Student Lunch Pick Up 2:00-3:00
  • 22nd- No In Person Instruction Virtual Day for ALL Students
  • 23rd- Christmas Break Begins
  • 4th- School Resumes

1.  Student of the Quarter 

We are very proud of all the students both face to face and virtual who were chosen as Students of the Quarter. Their hard work and dedication to their academics stood out from their peers. Here is a list of these students:

  • Ms. Chronis: Noelle Brace, Amelia Matuja
  • Mrs. King: Kennedy Kremecki, Mason Rafferty
  • Mrs. Giannosa- Ava Holmes, Layna Hart
  • Ms. D'Agostin: Khloe Zyla, Serenity Wojtoviets
  • Mrs. Billings: Gavin Thomas, La'Juan Stallworth
  • Mrs. Cieplak: Grace Simms, Gabriella D'Angelo
  • Mrs. Makowski: Liliana Leach, Alaina Zarb
  • Mrs. Moss: Lucas Guilloz, Jordan Kowalske
  • Ms. Fifer: Rachael Duckworth, Nino D'Angelo
  • Mrs. Castillo: Peyton Bohon, Nathan Zarb
  • Mrs. Thompson: Finnegan Palazzolo, Mia Justice
  • Mrs. Muirhead: Oliver Grubb, Brandon Rathburn
  • Mrs. Witkowski: Landon Wilcox, Caeleb Slater
  • Mrs. Monnier: Lauren Kula, Robert Hadacz
  • Mrs. D'Angelo: Shelby McIlhargie, Lindsey Persall
  • Mrs. Tinker: AvaLee Pomper, Brynn Weston
  • Mr. Viviano: Mei Cooper, Shaniya Gilleylen
  • Mrs. Zimmer: Jaylah Gosha, Edwin Braun
  • Mrs. Morgan: Jacob Kemp, Ella Kauk
  • Mrs. Wilson: Carter Schluckbier, Nicole Carne
  • Mr. Enghofer: Ian McIntosh
  • Mrs. Vergos: Hunter Lentine, Nicole Carne
  • Ms. Lach: Seth Elliot, Audrey Kauk
  • Ms. Jackson: Chloe Pilgrim
  • Mrs. Henschel: Jazmine Tikkanen, Isaiah Akins
  • Mrs. Williamson: Kierra Hollingsworth, Ariel Richardson
  • Mrs. Bruck: Brandon Ghesquiere, Delaney Pulido
  • Mrs. Kelly: Abigail Thomas, Faith Stickler
  • Mrs. Washington: Evan Varney, Eden Greene
  • Mrs. Femminineo: Emerson Ragsdale, Carter Harrison
  • Mr. Gabridge: Audrey McIntosh
  • Mr. Kimsey: Alex Craven
  • Mr. Gainer: Madison Pary, Madison Heuchert
  • Mrs. Kneer: Charlotte Hazelton
  • Mrs. Jablonski: Leah Chambers
  • Mrs. Reich: Alexa Brunn

**** If you are a virtual student that has not picked up your t-shirt please come up here before Friday, December 18th   to pick them up.

 ***** A few shirts have not come in yet and will be coming in with the next shipment:   Alaina Zarb, Shaniya Gilleylen, Audrey Kauk, Eden Green, Carter Harrison, Madison Heuchert, Jaylah Gosha, Ian McIntosh, Seth Elliot Chloe Pilgrim, and Alex Craven your shirts will be here soon! 

2.  December 21st and 22nd Virtual for ALL Students

This was sent out last week, but we wanted to make sure everyone was aware that there is not any face to face students on campus next week. All students at Merritt Academy will be learning remotely on Monday December 21st and Tuesday December 22nd leading into the holiday break (PreK-8th grade, HS is already working remotely). We will be sending home Chromebooks with all students who needs one on Friday December 18th. Students will need to return these Chromebooks when we return in January.  

During these days our cleaning company will be completing a deep cleaning and sanitizing of the buildings on campus to keep us all safe upon return. Like our virtual practice days leading up to Thanksgiving, we will be having activities for our students to complete online. The purpose of this is to count these days as school days so we do not have to extend our school year in June. 

For our Elementary students, your classroom teacher will be reaching out to you with ZOOM instructions and class activities for these two days. 

For Middle School students, much like the Thanksgiving group activities you will receive instructions about when and where to log in. Please pay close attention to these instructions. 

For High School students, we will be continuing our remote learning schedule as planned (the same schedule we are currently on). Please pay close attention to your teacher's instructions for specific class details.

We are aware this change to the schedule may cause some childcare difficulties, so we wanted to get this information out to you as soon as possible. The staff has been working diligently to keep our students safe, while giving them the best education! We look forward to working through the rest of this week with our normal schedule and then complete two days of virtual class  for ALL students on Dec 21-22.  We hope all of our families have a great holiday season! 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to a member of our administration team. Thank you for your continued support, and for trusting Merritt Academy with your student(s) education! 

3.  Merritt Messenger Volume 12

Please read the attached Merritt Messenger written by Ms. Jackson's high school journalism class.

4.  Off Site Lunch Menu Drop Off

Attention parents of students that receive off site lunches. For the week of December 21st the pick up day and time will be on Monday, December 21 from 2pm to 3pm. Thank you!

5.  Cleaning Masks Regularly

As we continue to make our campus as safe as possible we wanted to make sure to give out a reminder that the masks our students are wearing should be washed as much as possible with the CDC recommending washing a mask after each use. You can wash it in a washing machine or by hand.

If using a washing machine, don't be afraid to wash your mask along with your regular laundry - with standard laundry detergent and the warmest water the cloth material of your mask can handle.