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The teachers and staff at Merritt Academy are dedicated to enriching the mind, body, and spirit of every child with principles of excellence and self-worth. Merritt students learn the art of success every day.

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Merritt provides a wide variety of student activities, from sporting events, to music and performing arts. Want to find out when the next report card comes out or when the next day off is? You'll find that here too!

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Join the Mustangs! When compared to our neighboring schools, more of our graduates go to college and stay in college, which means the possibilities are endless!  

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Why Choose Merritt Academy?

Merritt Academy is a small school that has a family like atmosphere. The staff takes a vested interest in the success of all their students. Merritt offers programs such as MTSS (multi-tiered student support), ZAP, and ninth hour to make sure students are not slipping through the cracks. In MTSS students are offered early intervention that focuses on remediation of key concepts they are deficient in. For students working at or above grade level they are offered enrichment lessons during this time. Both ZAP and ninth hour at programs that focus on making sure students are completing assignments and able to receive extra support if needed.

Merritt Academy focuses on both high academic standards and character development. Character development is taught on a daily basis through many life lessons. Some of the life skills students are taught responsibility, respect for themselves and others, perseverance, and acceptance. In addition, Merritt offers a wide range of extra curricular, both athletic and non-athletic, that reinforce these important life lessons.

 Merritt Academy has a dress code for all students. We cap our classes at 24 for lower elementary and 25 for third grade and above. Elementary and middle school students participate in Spanish, art, music, and physical education. High school students have a wider range of electives to select from. 

Overall, Merritt is a small school with a close knit family feeling. The staff, students, and parents work as a team to ensure all students reach their fullest potential.

Special Announcement

I hope this communication finds you doing well. Below is a survey is going to be getting sent out to all our families asking questions about next fall. A lot of effort is going into planning for next year currently. It is very important that you take some time to reflect on the questions and information being presented. Please fill out this survey as accurately as possible as some very important decision are going to be made off of the results of this.

We don't know what the CDC and MDE guidelines will be for next fall (That's what makes this so difficult to plan for), but we will have to follow these guidelines when announced. However, there are numerous other areas that we can preliminarily start planning for. There are many options that are being discussed at the state and local level. As you know this is a very fluid situation that could change at any time.

I will keep you updated on the calendar and what next fall will look like as the information becomes available.