Internet Policy and Procedure


#16 Student Internet/On-Line Services User Rules & Agreement

Merritt Academy has the capability of offering Internet access to its students. Access to the Internet enables students to exchange electronic mail messages wit other users and explore thousands of libraries, databases and bulletin boards throughout the world. Use of the Internet and other on-line information services is a privilege extended to students, faculty and staff to enhance learning opportunities.

Although the Internet offers valuable resources and opportunities for learning, some material accessible on-line may be illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to some people. Use of the Internet and other on-line services in Merritt Academy is restricted to activities which support the educational goals and objectives.

Merritt Academy respects each family's right to decide whether or not to allow their child to apply for access to the Internet and other on-line services. Parental permission is required for students under the age of 18 to use on-line resources at Merritt Academy. The following guidelines have been established regarding the Internet and other on-line services:

1. Students are responsible for good behavior on school computer networks, just as they are in classrooms and school hallways.
2. Merritt Academy administrators will deem what is an appropriate use of the Internet and other on-line information services and their decisions are final.
3. The administration, faculty and staff of Merritt Academy may deny, revoke or suspend student access accounts for inappropriate use of the Internet and other on-line information services.
4. Merritt Academy reserves the right to review any material stored in files and may edit or remove any material which the staff, in its sole discretion, believes may be unlawful, obscene, abusive or otherwise objectionable.
5. Transmission of any material in violation of U.S. or state regulations, including copyrighted, threatening or obscure materials, is prohibited.
6. Use for commercial activities by for-profit organizations, product, promotion, political lobbying or illegal activities is prohibited.
7. The following uses of the Internet and other on-line information services are not permitted;
a. Sending, receiving or displaying offensive messages or pictures
b. Using obscene language
c. Harassing, insulting or attacking others
d. Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks
e. Violating copyright laws
f. Using another person's account and/or password
g. Giving your account and/or password to another person
h. Trespassing in another person's folders, work or files
i. Intentionally wasting limited resources
j. Employing the network for commercial purposes
k. Divulging personal information about yourself or others to strangers (includes addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, passwords or other confidential information)

Violations will result in a loss of access as well as other disciplinary or legal action. School disciplinary action will be determined by the school administration in accordance with the Student Code handbook and Board Policies and may result in suspension or expulsion.

The signatures of both the student and the parent/guardian (for students under the age of 18) are mandatory before access to the Internet and other on-line services may be granted.

Merritt Academy
Internet/On-Line Services User Agreement and Parent Permission Form

I have read and hereby agree to comply with the terms and conditions outlined above

Student Signature: _______________________________________    Date: _________________________

Student Name (please print): __________________________________________________

Grade: ________      Date of Birth: ___________________

As parent/legal guardian of the student signing above, I grant permission for my child to access network services such as electronic mail and the Internet. I have read and agree to Merritt Academy's Internet/On-Line Services Use Procedure, and understand that I may be held responsible for violations by my child. I understand that my child's access account can be used to access the Internet from computers outside the school community. I understand that some materials on the Internet may be objectionable; therefore, I agree to accept responsibility for guiding my child, and conveying to him/her appropriate standards for selecting, sharing and/or exploring information and media.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________     Date: __________________________

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